Jules Verne

Jules Verne was born in Nantes France on February 8 1828 and he died on March 24, 1905. 

From 1863-1874 he had laid the foundation of science fiction. Following his first book "Five Weeks in a  Balloon" Verne presented a  new manuscript to his publisher the title was "Paris in the twentieth century" (1863). 

It was never published . The manuscript was recently re-discovered. The publisher told Verne that if he was a prophet no one would believe his prophecies at that time. 

Verne provided in his new manuscript spoke about the year 1960. In it he described travel by subway,  gas driven cars, (the combustion engine was built in 1889) communication by fax and telephone, the use of calculations and computers a d electric concerts providing entertainment. He talks about a world in which everyone can read and no one read books. 

Latin a d Greek is  o.longer thought in school and French language has been filled with very disagreeable English words. Society is dominated by money and the homeless walk the streets. It is a police state run by birocrats. 

He imagined streets overrun by lights and electronic advertisements. He even predicted the invention of the electric chair (which didn't appear until 1888). Where did these ideas originate? 

Did he actually go into the future and see what is going on? Or by envisioning the future did he had a hand in fact created it? What if imagination the seat of creativity is directly con acted with what we might call the eventually of the truth. What if we are capable of seeing what we humankind will eventually experience.?
from The Ultimate Time Machine by Joseph McMoneagle

Piecing Together the Past


Is the new elite which had made up their minds to attempts to rule the world. It is ruled by greed rather that the desire to make a better life for countries it conquers.

It is a fraternity of members that move from corporate boards and government positions.

The president ff World Bank Robert McNamara was the president of Ford Motor Company secretary of Defence of president Kennedy and Johnson and then he occupied the top job at the most powerful financial institution. 

Helping the economy grow helps to make a few people at the top if the pyramid richer while does nothing for those at the bottom except pushing them lower.

Promoting capitalism results in systems resembling medieval feudal societies.

These companies such as Chase T Main Inc. company present a scam forecast to the governments and the banks so the countries became more in debt.  They produce 25 years forecast that is simple.false.
Armies have limitations,  the economists had responded  through this new  highly subtle form of imperialism by devising a better plan and the foreign aid agencies and the private contractors who served them, have  become proficient in executing that plan.

In every county on every continent men and women  working for US corporations part of the Economic Hit Man network participated in something far more pernicious than anything envisioned by conspiracy theories.

Like Chase T Main Inc engineers the company John Perkins the author of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" worked for these workers were blind to the consequences of their actions convinced that the sweatshops and factories that made shows and automotive parts for their companies were helping poor to climb out of poverty instead of  burying them deeper in a slavery reminiscent of medieval manors and southern plantations. 

John Perkins as an Economic Hit Man was recruited  by NSA by Einar Greve's connections with the USA army as specified in his book the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

He had been under pressure to produce highly inflated economic forecasts, for arranging huge loans that countries like Indonesia and Panama could  ever repay. There was no integrity in those reports.the studies were inflated instead if being true.

John Perkins helped to create a covenant that guaranteed continue oil for America, safeguard the rule of the house if Saud, assisted the financing of Osama Bin Laden and the protection of international criminals like Uganda's Idi Amin.

Perkins reach the conclusion that "the system reached a new level of deception one that would lead to destruction morally physically of a culture unless significant changes are made."

Professors in economic classes in the USA teaches that capitalist system involves hierarchies with rigid chains of command including a handful at the very top who control descending orders of subordinates and a massive army if workers at the bottom who in relative economic terms truly can be classified as slaves.

This system is encouraged because the corporatocracy has convinced them that God has given them the right to place a few people at the very tip of this capitalist pyramid and export the system around the world.

This imperialist drive has been the cause for most wars polution starvation species extinction and genocides.

This has taken a tool in the conscience and well.being of the citizens of the wealthiest country where citizens are plagued with the highest rates of suicides drug abuse and violence.

Who promotes these principles? NSA national security agency of the USA using 6 -10 private hit corporations that are not under public scrutiny as a public agency would.

from the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man " By John Perkins

Crystals and Atlantis

According to Dolores Cannon in her book "The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge" where she uses hypnosis and past life regression to access the lost knowledge from the subconscious mind of the people she is working with, "Crystals were controlled by minds. 

To be able to do that peoples should have had emotional mastery in order to work the energies in the way they needed to be worked. To work the energies trough the crystals, the minds required to be centred."

The energies were directed into the crystals with the minds. They had  to have control of their intentions and their attentions  which they couldn't do if they were in a fearful place.

Emotions interfered  when people were out of balance. When in balance the emotions can empower intentions.

In Atlantis different peoples had different agendas the egos got in the way of these technologies and their egos got in the way of higher agendas.

They were trying to harness Mother Earth energies  Their intentions were control in today's term of military uses.

They were successful in harnessing the energies but not in control of it. Their egoistic beliefs in their own abilities were not in line with reality. 

One group was trying to support Mother Earth in maintaining the balance. They were doing that by projecting energy into the crystals, harmonious loving energy but their own emotions were out of balance and that was difficult.

At one time humans had control over their emotions but not at the end of Atlantis period.

There were two powerful energies working. It was like an incoming wave of energy meeting an outgoing energy at the shoreline. They come together. There was a rapidly moving energetic response which was large enough to rearrange the earth. One was larger that the other and that energy was the negative one.