Lemurians A Mystic Brotherhood of Mount Shasta

Australia is what remains of a vast continent that existed down far back in the history of the world that men seldom speak of it. The name of the continent is Lemuria or Mu. 

The descendants of that continent migrated on the west coast of the present North and South America are still alive. Some retreated underground.
Only those whose souls can lift the curtain of the past can tell anything authentic about that mysterious land.
There are no accidents in the scheme of life. On different occasions, a strange individual had come into the city of San Francisco to make certain purchases. It was said that the man always paid with gold nuggets. 

Someone claimed he was from people who live somewhere in the mountains in a place hidden from general observation. It was said these people were descendants from a lost continent that lay somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

Large territory in California has been bare by the destructive fumes in the area where the Sacramento River and Pit river join.

Flowers are cultivated in the area for the beauty of the flowers. No flower is ever plucked in the area.
There are subterranean caverns in that area.

Extract from the book

"The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta unveiling the hidden history of Ancient Lemuria." By Valiant Thor

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